Another “Lockdown” Practice Design

Another of those precious times to experiment without the pressure of competition looming.

On a picnic many years ago, I came across a spathe that was significantly softer and smaller than most I see. Naturally I scooped it up and have kept it safely stored until the “right” occasion for design presented itself.

Using the spathe as a base for a horizontally inspired design I was interested to see how I could use woolly bush (my favourite Australian native foliage) in conjunction with banksia foliage as it (the banksia) has a silvery back to the deep green leaves.
This was really an exercise in colour and form – looking at tints, tones, shades, shapes, forms and textures.

Looking at it now I can see the streltizia leaf is much too dominant, however the design does still need a repetition of the dark green of the banksia leaves, perhaps a small monstera or aspidistra would complement what is already there.

Always good to experiment, take photos and look back at a design after some time has passed.

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