Alternative Christmas Tree

This design was for an end of year competition where the brief was to present a design of “contemporary/alternative Christmas decoration”.

As this was to be staged on a bench I worked on the extension of a traditional Scandinavian christmas tree decoration by using some contemporary techniques to highlight the plant material.

Using a metal stand I have built up layers of conifer branches to resemble the tree then bent them over (this is the traditional Scandinavian look).

Some christmas baubles and unusual flowers (waratah – Telopia speciosissima) have been placed randomly around the “tree” with a conifer bell at the top and base and a wire/craspedia star at the tip of the conifer bend.

Judges comments: A very contemporary looking Christmas decoration, however not really suited to the staging as it would be more appropriate for a floor based design. Colour was lacking for a Christmas decoration – brighter would enhance the dominant conifer colour and texture.

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