Another online international competition – this one with the overall theme of “Elements of Nature”. This class had the title “Air”, so I wanted to have a design with lots of space and plant material either floating or being moved in directions by the suggestion of air around them as opposed to wind (which was another of the class titles).

Using a round base painted blue to indicate the sky/air, I have used some heavy wire twisted into a support shape that indicates movement. Keeping to the idea of movement (of air) I have used dried strelitzia leaves and some dried native grass that has a hint of silver/blue colour in its dried state. Twisted through the structure to mask the wire support is a woven raffia shape, once again pliable to repeat the movement I wanted in this design.

Judges Comments: Strong movement has been created with the use of the dried Strelitiza leaves. The colour of the base is visually dominant and by painting the base black would have created better visual harmony in the design.

My review comments: I can see how having the base black would help with the visual dominance. I could also have repeated the blue of the base with some plant material within the design or even had some white in the base and the design to signify “clouds”. My own feeling is that the dried grass placements do not add anything to this design so I would not use them if I attempted this design again. I also feel the base is too large/heavy for the design – a small footprint would enhance the design. Overall I am happy that the idea of air and air movement has been achieved with the main part of this design.

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