A Skewed View

What an interesting (and different) class title for this competition. It was an online world wide competition with judging being done via the image submitted. The overall theme of the competition was “Kaleidoscope”.

My idea was that of a hand held kaleidoscope view – the skewed or distorted image you get by twisting the barrel. Kaleidoscope was the overall theme of the competition.

I have used painted timber kebab sticks as these are thicker and flatter than satay skewers, glued in a random pattern of triangular shapes to give me “windows” I could fill in with various coloured plant material. The colour fill is coconut fibre, sisal, jute sliver and ripped typha, all of which have been glued to the kebab sticks.

The stick structure is resting on a metal shaped stand painted a neutral colour to blend with the background. Corn dolly style woven reeds (click here for step by step instructions) are placed within the design along with strelitzia flowers at odd angles to enhance the “skewed” view.

I was happy with this interpretation and received lots of positive comments from the other participants when we got to see all the designs submitted. Reviewing it now, I would use a black stand to support the design and bring the colours out to the edges of the design more.

Judges comments: Construction offers a skewed interpretation. Heavy visible metal mechanic detracts from the rhythmic action of the design.

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