Weaving with Cotton

Class Title: Weaving with Cotton, Wool and Flowers
Staging: Mesh frame, space allowed 1 metre square, judged both sides
I enjoy working on the mesh frame staging. It gives me a better sense of three dimensional floral art than the show bench where designs are so often judged just from the front.

The mesh frame is smaller than the space allowed for the design, so I must plan to bring the design outside the frame.


At the top of the design I have place two spheres on either side of the mesh – one is styrofoam covered in cotton wool, the other is cane filled with a textured knitting wool.
From each of the spheres there is a twisted willow branch that also has either wool or cotton wool following it down to the two flower placements below.

Cotton weaving

One flower placement uses a cane bouquet base with flax woven into it and cotton wool under the single camellia flower – pink to pick up the colour of the textured knitting wool. Flax from the back of this placement is woven through and around the cotton wool trail coming from the top sphere.


Cotton weaving 2

On the other side the flower placement has purple statice, again to pick up some of the colour in the knitting wool, ferns as foliage and a centre of cotton wool.

Judges Feedback: Its important with type of design to ensure that both sides work together. You can see that the placement on the other side to the one you view still add to the overall effect of the design. You do not want it to look like two separate designs.

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