Stacking and Packing

Stacking and Packing1Staged on cube 60cm square, space allowed 60cm square, judged all around.

Hidden in this title is a hint as to the design style the judges would be looking for. A stacking design is defined by the judging rules for this competition as one where plant material is grouped and stacked one on top of the other or in series, to provide visual unity.

By using stacked baskets (made from plant material) I was able to provide height to this design with a minimal amount of plant material or non plant containers.

The lowest basket has only foliage, craspedia and typha heads (in series), the middle basket repeats one of the foliages and introduces the colour and form of flowers (roses), the top basket repeats the foliage and colour of the flower but changes to form (dahlia).

By varying th heights of the plant material I have created visual interest at every angle of this design as is needed for all around judging.

This design placed first. The judge acknowledged the visual balance of the design as well as the interest from every angle and its refreshing approach to a stacking design – most are presented as horizontal lines.


Stacking and Packing 2

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