Square Dancing

Once again I am at the annual showcase of all things agricultural and this class title provided something of a challenge as “Square Dancing” is not really a well known Australian country tradition.

Be that as it may, I felt I could combine my impressions of square dancing (from movies) with some Australian native plant material and agricultural produce.

The design was to be staged on a plinth and judged all around. I do enjoy the all around designs as it gives me a chance to be creative and interesting for any angle of the design.

I have covered three cardboard boxes with gingham material and stacked them to give the design some height. The lowest box is placed in a hessian sack and surrounded by banksia cones and foliage with some small placements of wheat.

The second box is really a support for the top box so has just a few bits of hessian and wheat to repeat the placements below.

My idea for the top box was to have “dancing” flowers. I have placed the chrysanthemums at 45 degree angles in parallel giving a diagonal line to each side of the box.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: A good interpretation let down a little by some messy workmanship. The boxes could have been covered more neatly and the pink of the top placements should have been repeated in the lowest section.

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