Shapes and Textures

Class Title: Shapes and Textures
Staging: cube 60cm square base, judged all around


Sometimes when we see a Class title, there is just nothing that comes to mind.Even one that would seem as simple as this one. Sometimes there are almost too many choices so you need to focus on exactly what you want to highlight to the judges.

Shapes and textures

Here I wanted to highlight geometric shapes – circles, triangles, square and how we use these in both natural and manipulated ways with plant material.


Starting with the triangle of stones to highlight the design inside them, I have a circular timber base (upturned salad bowl) on which is standing a square container of rounded bark pieces. Beside this is a square tower of round sticks with a dominant round flower shape (protea).


From another angle, inside the square container is a circular base of raw cotton with a triangle of bark, a dirt sphere and some manipulated foliage.Shredded flax and tillandsia add to the textures of the design.


Judges feedback: The concept of this design is good. There needs to be some material that draws the sections together as it appears to be a number of items just placed in proximity to one another.

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