Rustic Rhythm – Abstract

Abstract Rustic rhythm

Space allowed 1m square on a supplied mesh frame 1.13m high 38 cm wide; judged both sides.

The class title calls for a specific design style to be used – abstract – in the interpretation for staging. When we look at the two words in the title , we also need to think about how to show these in an abstract style. Rhythm will be the most important element to show in the design.

I wanted to have strong rhythmic lines on this design using plant material that could obviously be abstracted. These are the dry flower spikes from a Zanthorhoea (an Australian native grass tree). I have cut the flower section and placed it at right angles to the spike with an upside down gumnut hiding the wire joining the two pieces.

Each of these spikes was placed parallel with flower tips at the top on one side of the mesh and at the base on the other side. There is a single spike placed upside down on one edge of the mesh.

On the mesh itself I have some hessian strips (for the rustic part of the title) with an upside down agapanthus leaf woven through the mesh and gumnuts for repetition.

This design placed 1st. On looking back at it now, it could perhaps have benefited from more plant material but that may have detracted from the very strong rhythmic lines it shows.

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