Ring a Roses

Class Title: Ring-a-Ring-a-Roses
Staging: cube 60cm square base, height unrestricted, roses only flower, judged all around.
Here we have a design staged on a display cube where we are linited to the size of the cube, unlike Incorporating the Wine Industry where we were allowed additional space. So the challenge is to keep all of the design within the confines of the edge of the cube.



I wanted to include some reference to the nursery rhyme of the same name. The design is based around rings of roses with these also being ringed by tortured willow circles (made by stripping the branch when green and winding it onto itself in a circle, then allowing to dry).

The base is an upturned timber salad bowl with a wire topiary frame sitting on top. Each of the circles of roses in based in a foam wreath – foliage and roses are simple to get in a perfect circle with these.

In deference to the nursery rhyme I have used moss to represent the grass where they would “all fall down” after reciting the rhyme.


By using a circular base I have ensured my design is interesting from every angle.


Judging Feedback: Space within designs is an important consideration. It is one of the sections of the design that needs to e measured carefully – in this design, the space is a little uneven which questions the balance of the design.

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