Rhythmic Overflow

The title for this class gave all the clues I needed to determine my design. It needed to be rhythmic, so lots of repetition, as well as overflowing…..therefore (in my mind) it had to be a cascading style of design.

Give the space allowed on a 60cm square plinth was 1m overall, it needed some height for visual balance and as it was to be judged all around, also needed to be interesting from any viewing angle.

I have used a tall twisted brown ceramic vase filled with sand for stability with a half block of floral foam at the top of the vase for a water source for the plant material.

The upright placement is woolly bush (an Australian native plant) with casuarina placed to emphasize it’s cascading form. A few placements of single leaf typha foliage that has been hand manipulated to enhance the cascade are repeated around the design. Spray chrysanthemums are placed both upright and downwards facing, once again for repetition and the feeling of “overflow”.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: A good interpretation of the class title. Some plant material is touching the bench. The casuarina could have been brought further down to mask the vase which is dominant although it does balance the visual weight of the placements above it.

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