Mountains To Sea

This design was staged on a plinth with an overall space allocation of 1m square, meaning we could extend outside the size of the top of the plinth.

As with all designs that are judged all around, this needed to be interesting from every angle. Not different, just interesting.

Using an old paint palette for an interestingly shaped base, I have partially covered this with sand and dried seaweed which extends down the plinth to give the design some dimension.

A conical wire shape (similar to tomato growing supports) is covered with conifer foliage to depict more mountainous terrain and is topped by a “cloud” or wire wrapped washi paper.

Looking at this design now, I am concerned by the remainder of the placements. If I can’t see what I was trying to achieve then how can I expect a judge to see it!!

The overall shape needs more refining, there is no focal area or real movement and the colours create “pops” rather than blend harmoniously.

A good one to review with a critical eye.

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