Mardi Gras

Those of you who are regulars here will know that the mesh stand is amongst my favourite staging structures. I enjoy the challenge of this workspace and making the design different but complementary on both sides of the mesh.

Mardi Gras is a celebration, regardless of the context so I wanted this to look as though you were getting a glimpse of a parade, maybe though a window. We are expected to use the space outside the mesh as part of the design.

Starting two wire head forms covered with coloured tights (the head forms came from a second hand store, probably used as hat displays), I have separated these with a pseudo flag made with a flexible fibreglass rod, covered in jute sliver and strung with coloured jute. For the stringing technique click here.

Each head has a hat (from a charity store) with the gap between the head and the hat filled with more jute sliver.

One hat has a collection of fruits and flowers with palm leaves and foliage to create movement, the other hat has lilies (as yet unopened) and foliage.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: More of the space allocated needs to be used and another of the strung structures should be present for repetition. A vibrant depiction of the class title.

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