Layer By Layer

This is the second of my designs for a World Championship using a structure supplied by the organisers. This is a structure I have not used before and was intrigued when I saw it in the schedule.

As you can see there were four horizontal mesh frames of varying sizes on a metal stand. The overall size allowed for the design meant that we needed to limit our placements to the mesh fames i.e. not use the central stand or base.

My plan was to connect the horizontal “layers” with jute stringing so that your eye would travel “layer by layer” through the design.

The stringing is done using fibreglass arms (click here for the basic method of preparation) covered with jute sliver. The same jute silver is used to cover the mesh horizontals, alternating the colours between natural and pink. The natural colour repeats the colour of the stringing as well as the covers of the water vials.

The water vials are attached to the mesh allowing placements of foliage and anthuriums within the design. Some green jute covered vials are also attached to the fibreglass arms.

Judges Comments: An interesting concept and good workmanship. This design does not need the white anthuriums – they distract from the overall flow of the design and make it appear overcrowded.

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