Interwoven Beauty

Class Title: Interwoven Beauty
Staging: mesh, space allowed 1 metre square, judged both sides

The mesh staging for this Class would seem to lend itself to this Class title. I will need to be careful that the interwoven elements of my design do not rely only on the mesh but show some interweaving of plant material.


Interwoven Beauty side1

The long strips are handmade paper with flowers pressed into them – this counts as plant material as paper is generally made from plant material.

I have two placements for my water sources and therefore point of emergence for my plant material. These are not placed in a horizontal line as that would cut the design in half – rather they are placed in a step pattern from one another. In each of these are a range of foliages and flowers. The roses are placed in formal lines matching the mesh, the tulips are interwoven with themselves and then woven through the mesh.


Additional foliage, not requiring a water source (agapanthus), has been interwoven through the mesh against the paper to lessen the dominance of the paper because of its colour and texture.

Interwoven Beauty side2

Judging Feedback: Whilst the interwoven part of the title is well covered in this design, there was not enough “beauty” for the judge. The design could have been improved with more colour and flowers.

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