Incorporating the Wine Industry

Class Title: Incorporating the Wine Industry
Staging: cube 60cm square, space allowed 1 metre square, roses only flower to be used, judged all around
The display cube is another of my favourites for staging. In this Class we could go outside the limits of the cube base area although sometimes we are restricted to keeping designs within the size of the cube.


wine industry1

With this design I wanted to highlight the use, in vineyards, of roses to draw pests away from the grapes and vines.

The centrepice of my design is a discarded farm fence post that has a small opening turned at the top. I have spiralled some fencing wire through the existing holes (for wires when it was in use as a fence post).

On one side of the post is a bottle supporting a bunch of grapes, the other side has roses placed to look at though they are growing against the fence post. To ensure interest from every angle I have trailed a stripped tortured willow branch to resemble of grape vine, threading some individual grapes onto it for effect.


The top arrangement is a simple dried vine bouquet holder as a base for vine leaves and roses. A number of tortured willow branches twisted into circles have been placed underneath the top arrangement.The base is finished off with small pebbles to indicate the dirt usually found underneath vines.


Judging Feedback: Once again it is important to ensure the design looks good (and interesting) from every angle. Walk around a few times to double check your own designs.

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