Fruits of the Land

Class Title: Fruits of the Land
Staging: mesh, space allowed 1 metre square, judged all around


If you have looked at some of the other “All Around” designs you will know that I enjoy this particular staging. The most important part of your design is to make it three dimensional so that each side adds to the other when it is viewed. You do not want to present two separate designs on each side of the mesh.

Flowers Fruit1


My design is based on three foam sphere covered with moss – one on each side of the mesh and one in the centre. I have placed them on a diagonal line to added interest. If I had placed them horizontally across the mesh, the design would have appeared flat.

Dahlias and proteas are the flowers used for the spheres, with different foliage and fruit to create texture and form differences. Each of the spheres is connected with sword grass that has either tomatoes or grapes (depending on the side being viewed) threaded onto it.

A further connecting group of grass leads to a strawberry placement in the middle of the mesh, thus part of both sides’ design.

Flowers Fruit 2


Judging Feedback: Its good to keep in mind for all your designs that Show rules usually cover “horticultural” or “plant” material so making use of fruits and vegetables adds interest and individuality to your designs.

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