Fascinating Forms

This is a design that is judged all around with a space allocation of 60cm square – the same as the surface area of the top of the supplied plinth. In addition for this class we had to include some native Australian flora.

I wanted to explore the forms of the plant material I planned to use, as an extension of an interesting form that would be the structure for the design.

We have lots of leftover wire mesh on the farm so I played with this as the structural form for the design. You can see the technique by clicking this link: Making Structures With Chicken Wire Mesh.

When you see the technique video (above) you will know that I had to adjust the structure to fit the size allocation. It’s very important to keep that in mind as you begin to get carried away with the creative design process!

On a base cork board (considered plant material) edged with slices of banksia, I have secured the spiral mesh structure into an interesting form, loosely spiral, on some lengths of gymea lily (Dorianthes excelsor). The banksia placements in the structure range from just opened flowers, flower slices to fully dried expended cones. This was to showcase the fascinating forms of just one flower from the Australian native flora range.

This design placed third.

Judges Comments: A very “fascinating” interpretation of the title. Needs to be taller for visual balance. Some points deducted for plant material over the edge of the plinth making it out of size.

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