Every Which Way

An exciting “new” title to research and explore with the staging on a plinth so the design is to be judged and viewed all around. I like this staging – it makes me think about every angle of a design being interesting and slightly different.

In the centre of the “structure” I have a plain glass vase, tall and rectangular for the minimum of plant materials in this design that require a water source. The vase itself is covered in packing paper that is perforated which gives it the ability to be semi transparent as well as making it pliable.

The main “structure”, as you can probably guess, is made with paper rolls either from paper towels or toilet paper. I knew it would be something of a challenge for the judges as not all are yet accepting of paper being a plant material even though the judging rules might say it these days.

The rolls have been glued at random lengths and angles to give me the “every which way” structure for placing the plant materials. I have placed banksia stems in the vase and also through the adjacent rolls with banksia foliage, dried smoke bush, aspidistra and gymea leaves in other rolls to follow the lines created by them (the rolls).

A piece of the perforated packing paper is placed under the vase in the centre of the space to repeat its use and allow the design to be separated from the plinth.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: Interesting interpretation of the class title. More attention to repetition of plant material would help.

My comments on review: I think there is too much bare paper roll on view. Covering some of them with aspidistra or gymea foliage would still give the structure but allow more of the plant material to dominate the design. A vine or some other linking through all the rolls would also lift this design in interpretation.

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