Quite an intriguing title for a floral art competition class!

I am a great reader so my first reaction to this class title was the wonderful array of spy thriller books I have enjoyed over the years. Turning this into a floral display was my next challenge.

Thinking about the books and flowers led me to the latest trend to use paper/books in our designs. I went researching on YouTube for ways to make flowers from books and discovered a technique for calla lilies which I also have in abundance at the farm.

Solution found!

Using the staging provided of a wire mesh screen I have interspersed the paper lilies with real ones and incorporated the book cover and book to give more to my interpretation. Red roses in paper covered vials are used to signify blood. As the story from the book was also a film, I used black cane to make a film loop to be wound around the design.

This design placed second.

Judges commentsInnovative approach to title. Placements of roses was too predictable and detracted from the “secretive” nature expected from the class title. More attention to making each side of the design interesting would help as this is judged from both sides.

Here is the video I followed to make the lilies. Thanks to this clever person for making it available 🙂

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