Dynamic Structure

What an intriguing class title this was! A “structure” is a defined design style for the judging rules of this competition so my design had to feature a structure that was made from plant material AND also had to be “dynamic”.

What to do?

As this is staged on a plinth I need to make the design interesting from all sides. The plinth is 60cm square but the space allowed was 1m square so I can also use some of the space – up, down and around.

Using coloured timber sticks for my structure, I have made spirals of various colours to give some dynamic movement to the design. Picking up one of the colours in the sticks, I have placed celosia at various points in the design with some twisted gymea lily (Dorianthes excelsor) foliage to enhance the dynamism/movement in the design.

Although I did not receive any judges comments on this design (in fact no design in this class was awarded a prize), on review I can see some issues I would address.

There is really no dominance in this design – not line or colour. Perhaps having the spiral on one side and going much higher would be the simplest “fix” to give a more dynamic feel with much more of the foliage twisted through to reinforce the movement of the other parts of the design. Not using the blue in this colour combination would also help with visual balance.

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