Drama with Driftwood

Class Title: Drama with Driftwood, Wheat and Wool
Staging: plinth, roses only flower to be used, space allowed 1 metre x 80cm, judged all around
These particular plinths pose a great challenge to designing as they are always viewed from the top rather than eye level. This means the design must be pleasing from every angle around it as well as looking down into it – not someting we need to consider too often.


This design is based around a large piece of driftwood that has both dramatic colouring and shape. I want to highlight the shape of the driftwood with the other items in the design.

Drama with Driftwood

Something to consider here is the wording of Class titles. I would expect the judges to be looking for driftwood as the key feature as this is mentioned first in the Class title – your local judging customs may be different.
The lines of the driftwood base are highlighted with placement of dark red flax, which also highlights the colours in the driftwood. A rough spun wool scarf has been “caught” on the driftwood.

Long stem red roses are placed again to highlight the shape of the driftwood with a small number of wheat stalks at either end of the design.


Judges Feedback: In my efforts to make this a dramatic representation of someone lost at sea, I managed to cover up too much of the driftwood! Lesson: don’t get carried away with your interpretation, remember the horticultural material comes first!! The top wheat placement also takes your eye out of the design.

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