Designing A Table Centre With Paper Drinking Straws

This design is from a demonstration I did for a Seminar in 2018. We were asked to show a design that had been inspired by something that was “trending” on Pinterest. The design needed to be suitable for use at a
“celebration” – birthday, wedding, dinner party etc

Many of the audience were not aware of the great resource that Pinterest can be to inspire you to think differently about your designs. All the demonstrators for this section of the programme had great fun incorporating the different ideas we had seen that used drinking straws!

I was looking to make something that sparkled, suitable for any of the celebrations that had been suggested.

Using a tall glass vase, I have filled this with silver wire (known to us as scrunchy wire – very similar to pot scrubbers!) with some lengths falling down the outside to minimise the dominance of the glass surface.

Into this I have placed two stripped branches secured together with cable ties. The ties are hidden within the vase and the wire in the vase holds them securely in place.

Wooden pegs with a dusting of silver glitter are placed randomly in the branches. Some are holding more silver wire others have purple statice.

The straw technique is actually one I used in my lolly shop window for special occasions. It can be done with any plant material that doesn’t need a water source – here I have used paper (everlasting) daisies. Using a long piece of wire, thread alternately flower head and straw until you have the desired length. Then either use the remaining wire to attached to a branch or one of the pegs as shown here.

The design was raffled off at the end of the demonstration and one attendee was so intrigued with the idea she bought all the supply of wire available on the day!

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