Desert Winds

Desert Winds1Australian native plant material only to be used

The space allowed for this design was 1 metre square although the plinth is only 60cm square, hence the overhang of material.

The central piece of this design (almost hidden in the first image) is an old farm fence post. My idea was to have a naturalistic design showing the way the bark and other plant material had been blown by the wind up against and around the fence post. Fresh plant material is in water hidden beneath the bark placements.

One important element of “all around” judged designs is to ensure each view of the design presents the judge with something different but still tells the story of the title. You can see from the photos of two sides of the design that it does show interest at any angle – not just a front and back to the design.


Desert Winds2

This design placed third. The judge felt it needed more height for balance and also that the grasses (furry seedheads in the centre of the first image) were placed upright when everything else gave the impression of being moved by the wind.


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