Cascading Beauty

Once again, the staging area is in a marquee at this heritage venue. Click here to see another design from this show.

The staging for this class is a plinth 40cm square and 1m high. We were not height restricted but were only allowed 60cm width and depth, so I had to be careful of how much overhang I had from the “cascade”.

The underlying structure is a metal stand which has a round tray at the top onto which I have taped some floral foam (2 sections to give me height for placements). This stand is pushed inside a freestanding piece of heavy bark.

Placements for a cascade design can be challenging – trying to get them to look as though they are falling like a waterfall from the top of the design. I have used some gardenia foliage that had a natural shape for this as well as shredded typha, woolly bush and westringia to enhance the “weeping” forms. Carnations and chysanthemums add a pop of colour to the design.

To counterbalance (physically and visually) the front of the design I have used a dried palm influorescence with a natural twisted, swirling shape and repeated that plant material with single strands of the palm joined in a tatami style length that frames the falling cascade.

This design placed second.

Judges comments: A contemporary interpretation of the cascade style, well executed. Some more cascading of the colour to the bottom of the design would help the eye travel all the way through this design and give a more proportioned sizing.

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