All Roped Up

For some months I had been experimenting and learning some foliage manipulation techniques to enhance my designs.

This uses a technique of weaving old foliage into “ropes”. We have a mass of agapanthus along the main driveway to the farm so there is always a good suppply of spent foliage for this technique.

To learn the technique, have a look at this post – Weaving A Foliage Rope.

For this design, staged on the upright mesh, I have edged some palm branches with the “rope” and interlaced more rope to reinforce the interpretation.

We were also required to use some dahlia flowers in this design so I have placed them in vials (for their water source) throughout the design.
For aded texture I have used some traditional sisal rope for both edging of the palm branches and the vials.
Across the top of the design is a mesh net made from the agapanthus rope.

This design placed second.

Here is my onsite video review of this design.

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