Wood and Water – Member Competition Design Suggestions

As you know, we have asked some of our guest judges to show an example of titles included in our monthly competitions as many of our members do not wish to have their designs published.

This one is by our Competition Co-ordinator Bonnie who doesn’t do the judging but does keep an eye on what the judges are saying in the feedback and helps many of our members through design “blank” spots!

Bonnie’s Comments: I was thinking that water is easy to suggest without actually using it UNTIL this design. Then it was much more problematic that I had imagined! Yes, I have used a shiny blue vase which does indicate that water might be present but I wanted to be a bit more subtle about it. As with many designs, the rub is in the doing not the planning!

So I have used ripsalis and dried flower heads from water reeds to indicate the pond I had hoped to show. The vase is placed on a slice of an old banksia with another slice placed vertically in the vase to support the ripsalis and reed placements, thus meaning I didn’t need any other mechanics.

I don’t think it is as good as some of the ones submitted for the competition. I hope it gives you some inspiration though 🙂

Judges Comments: The vase has the potential to be very dominant, however the placement of the timber inside the vase as well as the draping of the ripsalis lessens the impact of the bright and glossy blue. Depth is indicated by the placement of the dried material facing the back of the design.

It could be enhanced by having more ripsalis draping down at a few lengths to indicate a waterfall perhaps. This would also repeat the placement at the back of the design providing more rhythm for the design as a whole.

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