Up and Down – Member Competition Winner

Member Competition Winner May 2018

Title: Up, Down and Around


May Competition Winner

Construction notes: A ceramic bowl holds three kenzans to support the ornamental kale placements at the back of a piece of driftwood. The driftwood is placed on the bench to overhang allowing some of the design to be down over the edge of the bench.

The bowl is placed on an old CD covered with a twisted handmade rope of typha leaves. This rope goes around the driftwood and kale throughout the design.

My interpretation was to have the eye go up and down the design with the driftwood and kale whilst the typha rope would take your eye around the design.

Judges comments:

Character and Form – 11/15. This design meets the brief. The selection and use of plant material is appropriate.

Principles and Elements of Design – Balance 7/10; Dominance 9/10; Contrast 6/10; Rhythm 8/10; Proportion 3/5; Scale 3/5 kale is somewhat dominant in its form and colour ; Unity and Harmony 7/10

Creativity – 17/20. Creative interpretation to meet the brief. Placing the design at this angle and over the edge of the bench differentiated it from other entries.

Technique and Finish – 8/10. Good to see a new technique (typha rope) being used in this design.

Condition – 4/5. Some discolouration of outer kale. These should have been removed before image was submitted for judging.

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