The Language of Plants – Member Competition Review

This was a very testing class title for our members with many seeking some clarification of their interpretation. Most of the requests were about whether we had meant “flowers” or “plants”. We chose plants to allow those with little access to flowers to be able to enter as well as making our more experienced designers think outside the square.

As one of the panel of judges I have created my interpretation with some notes on construction.

For me, the language of plants is about creative diversity. Plants of very different shapes, forms, colours and life cycles live contently amongst one another whether it’s a cottage garden or a forest. The language is about harmonious and sometimes symbiotic relationships.

Using a square rattan wrapped wire open box as the container with hessian covered vials for the plant material that required water, the remainder of the plant material is wedged into the square supporting each other – my language interpretation reinforced.

I have incorporated a range of plant material including moss (which is impossible to see in this photo!), driftwood, vines, pine cones (to represent trees), palm influorescence (the tatami mats), flax (plaited into shapes), dahlia buds, strelitzia and craspedia.

With my judges hat on as I look at the image, there is not enough contrast of textures – too many smooth surfaces.

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