Round and Round – Member Competition Winner

Member Competition Winner June 2018

Title: Round and Round (a suspension)

Round and Round

Construction Notes:

The structure consists of a cane hanging basket to which is added circular lengths of cane to extend the structure for the allowed drop of the suspension.

Paper covered wire is used to gather sections together for stability.

Detail - Round and Round

Palm fronds have been wrapped around the cane in a plaited, looping style to be self anchoring. Small vials hold chrysanthemum flowers in multiples of 3 at interest points in the design.

A half size floral foam ball is used to support a traditional dome design inside the basket with extended flowers poking through the top and edges for interest.

Details Round and Round

Chrysanthemums were chosen to enhance the round nature of the design title. The basket, cane chain and cane spirals are also designed to enhance the title “Round and Round”.

Judges Comments:  All the designs submitted were interesting interpretations of the title. Many designs lost marks for obvious mechanics – this is a skill that needs to be practised for a suspension design as the mechanics will be very much on show.

This design exhibited some careful thought with regards to the selection of plant material and structure to reinforce the “Round and Round” title. Of all the designs submitted, this one alone had well finished mechanics.

It could have been improved by more plant material, foliage particularly, to soften the impact of the cane.


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