Reflection – Online Competition Winner

Competitor notes: Reflection to me immediately means the time I take to look back over old floral designs and see what worked and what didn’t. I have a design book I use to plan my designs, from drawings to plant material to how to transport it, so I use this with a good cup of tea to “reflect” on where my design skill is going.

To that end I have chosen to depict my design as a still life with my design book and my cup of tea as well as some freshly picked plant material ready for inspiration.

I have chosen green and white to enhance the calming effect of quiet reflection.

Judges Comments

The design is well balanced visually and physically with an appropriate choice of style. We are drawn in to the design and immediately reminded of how valuable reflection is after we have created a design.

Plant material is appropriate for the interpretation. The fabric (serviette?) in the foreground is not needed. It detracts from the clean lines of the design. Whilst the background for this design works with the design, please be careful not to rely on this to assist with your design.

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