Pave – Member Competition Winner

Pave is a defined design style. The judges used the following definition when considering the entries for this month.

“The placing of materials close together, with no spaces in between, to form a pattern or covering to the container area.”


Construction notes: A round basket is used as the container. This has a lip around the top edge which has been incorporated into the design rather than using a container with side walls only and having the design look unframed. I have experimented with placements in groups and lines rather than the usual presentation of spiral placements of plant material. Textures of foliage, flowers and sticks have been contrasted with a carved apple as the focal point.


Judges Comments: This design meets the definition used for judging. It gained most marks for creativity in interpretation and innovation in the use of plant material and the container.

When presenting a pave design you should always check visual balance. This design has two areas where balance could be better. In some judging of pave you would be expected to have all placements vertically into the container – here there is one placement that is horizontal (the foliage at the front).

An innovative and creative approach to the design style. Well done.


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