Parallel- Online Design Competition Winner

Informal Parallel

Container is a hollowed piece of rock, filled with floral foam and covered in small pebbles. Plant material is grouped but space has been left to enhance the impact of the colours. A small piece of trailing jasmine has been looped over the edge of the container to soften the rock’s dominance. Note from entrant – “Sorry the wind kept catching the flax leaves as I took the photos. They were standing upright when I finished the placements.”

Judges Comments

This is a very good example of an informal parallel design. Plant material placements are kept to a minimum and are sympathetic to one another both in form and colour, There is a variety of textures to make the design interesting and plenty of negative space.

The container is perhaps just slightly too small (height and length) for the overall height of the finished design although it is a clever use of natural material which enhances the overall design.

Well done.

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