It’s All Black and White – Member Competition Winner

Member Competition Winner March 2018

Title: It’s All Black and White

Its All Black and White

Construction notes: A black painted timber base with a supporting armature of washi paper covered wire. Dried seaweed has been wrapped around the armature. The armature has been bent to match the flowing lines of the seaweed.


Judges comments:

Character and Form – 12/15. This design meets the brief well. It shows contemporary techniques and is completely black and white – no other colour is showing. The innovative selection and use of plant material lifted this design above others in the competition.

Principles and Elements of Design – Balance 8/10; Dominance 8/10; Contrast 7/10; Rhythm 8/10; Proportion 3/5; Scale 3/5 could have been taller; Unity and Harmony 7/10

Creativity – 16/20. Creative use of plant material to meet the brief. The seaweed has white growth on the black dried sections.

Technique and Finish – 7/10. Neater finish with the washi paper next time

Condition – 4/5. Some ends were not neatly finished, appeared broken.





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