In My Easter Bonnet

The judges have 2 designs for you as a result of this competition. The first one is the winner for this month, the second received a commendation.

Design 1 – Winner

My first reaction to the class title was “what is inside a hat?” so I settled on having a deconstructed “hat” as my design structure with some Easter items inside it.

There are not many flowers around at the moment so I have only used a single sliced banksia to depict the Easter eggs in a nest of twigs and feathers gathered locally.

The deconstructed hat is made from tatami mats of palm inflorescence for the skeleton of the hat with coconut fibre for the deconstructed brim and casuarina wrapped in twine for the remainder of the hat shape.

My idea was to have a look “in” the hat by taking it apart in a floral art sense. Hope that makes sense!!

Judges Comments:

A very creative approach to the class title – contemporary in the true sense as we see more examples of “deconstructed” work from baskets to flowers.

Colour, rhythm, line and balance are well shown in this design with an ambitious interpretation of the title.

More structure to the brim material (coconut fibre) would enhance the finish of this design.

Design 2 – Commendation

My only hat or hat shaped object is black and white,so needed something somber…Good Friday came to mind from my Sunday School Childhood.

1) Cut 4 black sticks into a length that was just over 1.5 times the width of the hat and four shorter lengths for the cross bar. I bound these together with black cotton yarn in 2 places. Then together at the intersection point.Then touched up ends etc with black paint.

2) Found a glass vase that fitted into the crown of the hat. Cut and soaked oasis noir to fit vase.

3) Cut white roses to keep in with the black and white theme created by the hat. (In this case very apt as this rose is called Pope John-Paul 111…)Cut leaves, fern and soaked over night.

4)Trying to make a ‘crown of thorns’ was difficult as the stems tended to bend and the thorns fell off. Eventually found a young stem that could be formed into a circle and stuck the thorns back on. FUN.

5) Arranged the leaves around the base. Placed the roses. I know you are supposed to have an odd amount but less failed to get an all around view and more looked crowded.  Tried to get 3 in view from any side.

6) Placed the crown of thorns on the cross and wound the ivy around the rose stems and the crown of thorns to unify the design.

7) Photographed. The photographs showed that the au natural crown of thorns was totally lost, so spray painted it silver and wound the ivy around it so it did not dominate.

Judges Comments

Well balanced visually with good colour contrasts. Textures are used well, clear vertical line in the design by placements as well as structure.
An interesting and appropriate interpretation of the class title, well executed.
My only suggestion is to ensure colour goes to where the eye is going in your design. With this one my eye starts at the focal point in the hat and moves up the structure, however the green stops at the cross bar which makes my eye stop there as well. The placement of the ivy fanning out keeps my eye and the crossbar balanced which is good. Some smaller ivy taken to the top of the upright would keep my eye travelling to the top of the design. It is these minor adjustments that help when the pointscore is close!

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