Green and One Colour – Member Competition Review

Designer Notes: Firstly my apologies for the background! I created the design and then couldn’t find my backing drape or anything useful to hide the brickwork…..

This design is staged in the “pot-et-fleur” style which means that the “green” (ripsalis) is growing and the flowers are cut and placed in water within the growing base. In this instance I have used small jam jars and vials buried in the soil of the pot plant.

I needed to use bold yellow flowers to match the container but had to ensure that the centre of these flowers was not another colour. Black or white would have been okay but not brown as this would be contrary to the class title.

Placing some flowers under the ripsalis gives depth to the design and keeping the flowers in blocks maintains the colour dominance without letting the container dominate. At the front of the design I have twisted one long strand of the ripsalis back over the flowers so it does not lead the eye out of the design.

Judges Notes: Design meets the criteria with no colour other than green and yellow showing. Some judges may consider the soil (colour) as another colour so covering this with moss would help negate that issue. As long as the moss is in its own soil underneath, it would still be classified as “pot-et-fleur”.

The placement of the flowers enhances the growing material – so good to see someone attempt the “pot-et-fleur” style which is underutilised in competition these days. More placement of flowers within and under the green material would have enhanced the design. There are some fly away green tips at the back of the design that I find distracting. Either trim them or tie them in low to the design as the plant material would be flexible enough for this.

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