Going Up – Member Competition Featured Design

Competitor Notes: I have this piece of hollow tree that shows some twists in the bark when placed this way so I thought it had implied upward movement. It does stand on its own, however to be sure of stability I have placed two kenzans at the base inside the hollow.

None of this plant material requires a water source – woolly bush and kangaroo paw will last without water, just change colour slightly after a few weeks. I have also placed a tube of coconut fibre for the placement of the second piece of kangaroo paw to repeat the twisting upward movement of the main piece. The coconut fibre is to give transition from the very rough bark to the relative smoothness of the other plant material.

Judges Comments: A well considered vertical design with balance and excellent colour combination. The timber could have been dominant but is visually balanced by the lower plant material placements just as these are balance vertically by the twisting plant material at the top of the design. The twist at the top of each placement means our eye is drawn back into the design whichever way it travels up.

An excellent example of using a minimum of material to evoke the class title.

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