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Competitor Notes: A layer of wet moss is wedged between three dried gymea lilly stalks. Plant material is placed in the moss as its water source. I have not done this design style very often as I have trouble with the placements so using the stalks really helped as I was not tempted to do any vertical placements except for the focal grevilleas. I took some artistic licence with the title by interpreting the grevillea flower to be flat out in its rows of petals, everything else is placed horizontally into the moss. Plant material is woolly bush, kangaroo paw, wax flower and bottle brush.

Judges Comments: An interesting choice of plant material and container – not the style we might expect from an horizontal design. Always a thrill to have our judging brain challenged by a new look! The colour in this design is dominant and well managed with shades of pink and green every selection (except the woolly bush and gymea stems). Scale and proportion are well executed. Always check your design against the image you are going to submit – gaps, such as next to the rear grevillea, can be more obvious in a photo than in real life.

Competitor Notes:  Soaked floral foam. Cut it in two. Trimmed to fit in dish. Wrapped the 2 foam pieces in leaves from the garden. Secured with pins then wound green cotton to hold the leaves in place and removed all but the end pins. Threaded grass through the cotton and blunt cut ends. They are flat out on top of each other 🙂 Put 5 holes in the top of the leaf covered foam and inserted the gerberas. The flattest flowers I could find… Took 4 stems of blue gum inserted their stems into the foam at the back of the foam and wound around the gerberas. The gum would not lie flat so pinned each stem down.

Judges Comments:

What a strong interpretation using the horizontal design style. The colour combination is outstanding giving a clear message of the design.
I would like to have seen the colour of the container carried through to the design – perhaps a medium sized gumnut (or spray of smaller ones) between each gerbera. This would work with the gum foliage being used rather than introduce another plant material.

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