Creativity With Spathes – Member Competition Winner

Member Competition Winner – February 2019

Title: Creativity With Spathes

Construction Notes: Two spathes have been bolted together to take advantage of their contrasting shapes. I felt they were reminiscent of the sea/surf in this combination so used plant material to further this theme.

Agapanthus flower heads (with flowers removed), succulents and moss have been placed to depict seaweed as I was unable to obtain any fresh seaweed to use in the design.

Foliage for height are strelitzia and woolly bush.

Dried gypsophila is used for “sea spray”.

Protea and foliage is placed at the back of the focal area to provide some colour interest.

Embellishments were kept to a minimum – shell and sea sponge.

Judges Comments: This design showed the most creative use of spathes so gained full marks for both creativity in interpretation and plant material use. It certainly gives the feel of the sea.

When developing an idea for a design you can benefit from determining the design style you will use – naturalistic, modern, sculptured etc. In this instance the focal point is the shell which is not plant material and the protea seems out of place in the design. Use of more of the agapanthus flower heads would have helped by giving some visual balance, repetition and more equated interest.

It is a good design and would look great in the reception area of a seaside hotel!

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