Contemporary Hand Tied Bouquet – Online Competition Winner

Contemporary Hand Tied Bouquet

This design is made by attaching the succulents to bamboo skewers to allow for hand tying into a bouquet shape. Rings of intertwined willow branches have been added for length to the hand tied section of the bouquet as well as one above the hand tied section to allow the carrier to slip to bouquet over the arm if needed during the ceremony. Feature succulents are added randomly on the rings with bind wire left showing to accentuate the contemporary nature of the bouquet.

The hand tied section can be removed and the succulents replanted for a lasting “garden” memory of the special occasion. The willow rings would dry in shape and can be reused.

Judges Comments:

This design was the most innovative interpretation of a contemporary theme from those submitted. The images showed it was most definitely hand tied and our judging challenge then centred around whether it was actually a “bouquet”. As it can be carried by hand either using the hand tied section or the top ring, it was determined to be a bouquet for the purpose of this judging.

The design overall is well executed and finished in a contemporary manner to provide the overall feel of a very bespoke bouquet.

It could be helped by more repetition of the same succulents in the ring sections as the hand tied section uses different ones and might be seen by some as a completely different design to the rings.

Well done and thank you for challenging our thinking and interpretation of the word “bouquet” in a contemporary sense.

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