Colourful Creation/s – Member Competition Review

We understand it can be very scary to have your competition design featured here and that some of you do not wish to showcase your work, preferring to continue on your floral journey with private personal development.

That said, this website is all about education and stretching our design thinking. With that in mind, we are asking some of our judges to provide designs when a competition winning design is not being shown.

Here are two designs for the competition “Colourful Creation/s” with comments from the deisgner as well as another judge for educational purposes!

Designer Notes: In planning this design I was mindful of being “creative” as well as “colourful”. Using duck feet stands, I have wedged some decorative mesh with foliage and strelitzias. Keeping within the same colour palette I have used marigolds and chrysanthemums in blocks for “pops” of colour.

Judges Review: Interesting interpretation of the title keeping to one colour grouping (yellows and oranges) still gives the impression of a design full of colour. Vials are well covered and in keeping with overall colour scheme of design but provide interest as they are not the same as one another so obviously made to stand out rather than blend in. The design needs one large placement at the top of the vial on the right to balance the design as there is visual weight with both strelitzias on one side even though their placement provides interest. The duck feet should either be facing the same way or completely opposite ways.

Designer Notes: This is designed as a wall hanging (although it might well be a challenge to actually find the balance point on a wall!). The backing is a flexible rod covered in jute with jute stringing to give it the shape as shown. Woolly bush is attached to the edge to soften the plain jute with marigolds and various grevilleas providing colour in a vine stem wreath. A small amount of conifer and ripsalis have been added to the wreath for textural interest. My creative part of the design was to think of it as a wall hanging rather than a bench based design.

Judges Review: An interesting idea for the most part well executed. The jute stringing is colourful as are the marigolds but the grevilleas are lost by comparison. The design needs some more bright solid colors such as gerberas – purple would have brought in the blue colour of the jute. Depending on the way it is hung on the wall it could appear unbalanced – the extended “arm needs to be at an angle of at least 45 degrees either up or down.

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