Celebration Wreath – Online Competition Winner

“This wreath was designed for Harmony Day – a day to celebrate all different ethnic backgrounds that come together to live and work in one place. Many countries have a day with this focus.

I found the wreath design challenging as I did not want to use a commercial shape but rather think about what I could use that would enhance my interpretation of the title.

I used an old wire coathanger as the base, bending it to a circle which was then covered with moss and tillandsia so I could have a water source for the other plant material.

The placement of the plant material was to show a cascade and intermingling of the various plant materials from different parts of the world. Bottle brush for Australia, anthurium for Asia/Africa/India and ivy and other greenery for United Kingdom.”

Judges Comments

A cascading wreath is a very appropriate design style to use to reflect the celebratory nature of Harmony Day.

Colour harmonies are good, placements are balanced and the choice of plant material works for the cascading nature of the design. The placements also allow for the plant material to flow, keeping the viewer’s eyes in the design rather than taking them out or away from it.

Be careful of your staging. The stand used for this design is distracting and some judges may have marked you down for this.

Well done – thank you for sharing this design with us.

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