Breaking with Tradition – Online Competition Winner

The structure for this design is a wreath shape made by gluing small lichen coated sticks together around a three legged branch support. Moss and succulents are used for the fresh plant material component with a large rock and small pebbles to support the vertical placement of the shape.

I felt this was breaking with the traditional type of wreath and its placement, as well as not using a lot of foliage and no flowers. By using a contemporary techniques (gluing) and not using a pre-formed wreath base this design also “breaks with tradition”.

Judges Comments:

This is certainly a very contemporary design and “breaks with the tradition” of the expected wreath presentation. Excellent use of negative space whilst maintaining good form and a variety of textures.

The placement of the large succulent could be considered traditional and is a dominant feature of this design – your eye is drawn to it immediately. The design could have benefited by using another variety of succulent in another colour to bring in the sticks more. Be very mindful of “traditional” plant material placements when you are doing a contemporary design.

A very well executed design that had the judges thinking outside the traditional wreath. Thank you for submitting it.

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