Anything Goes – Member Design Competition

Here are two examples of interpretation of this class title both not using floral foam. They are presented here by one of our team, Saphy, who looks after the non-member competitions held every 3 months.

“I really enjoy designing without flowers – just testing myself to see what other plant material I could use to create an impact.

Here I have used a piece of raw tree trunk as the base and covered an old car spring with rope and coconut fibre. The spring is an excellent structure because it is so heavy so will support most kinds of plant material. I have cut squares of coconut fibre sheet to place over single cuts of Sanseveria which don’t need a water source. One is placed inside the spring, the other two are secured to the outside of the spring with glue.

This design was an opportunity to show off the twisted shapes of the Sanseveria by using the spring as a strong circular form.”

“The structure for this design is a tall wave shaped candle holder. Repurposing the Sanseveria from the other design, I have woven them into different sections so that the ends are in the candle cups.

Small succulent flowers (Sedum) are placed in some of the candle cups (not all the cups or it would look too traditional in the placements) with one dried Strelitzia leaf at the base to repeat the wavy form of the structure.

The placements at the top of the design utilise paper covered wire with timber discs and dried Amaranthus as mobiles, once again trying to mirror the wavy form of the structure.

If this was my own stand (I borrowed it from someone in the office), I would paint it to match the timber or Strelitzia leaf colour.

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