After the Fire/s

Kim has provided one of her designs from a few years back as this month’s online winner was not keen to have their design featured here.

“I used two pieces of fallen timber that had obvious burn marks on them as the base. One was to lift the larger piece off the bench to give the design more height and visual depth. I also paced the design at an angle to the front of the bench to use the staging space more fully.

A small piece of floral foam is wedged in between the two pices of wood to provide water for the “regrowth” part of the design. I wanted this be be as naturalistic as possible so looked at the trees around and tried to mimic their regrowth.

Banksias and native grasses have been placed in the foam which is covered by leaf litter. I used the leaf litter to fill in the gap between the pieces of wood as well.

A quick story about the larger piece of wood. It was too long for the space allocated so I had to trim it down. Took out my trusty handsaw and started to work, only to discover it was ironbark! An hour later I was done…..doing this outside at 9pm in Gloucester NSW in winter, not freezing by the thermometer but pretty close!

This design placed second – the judge’s comment that it was not as balanced (visually) as it could have been.”

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